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September 9, 2014

Growth Opportunities

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Whether you are an executive at a stock company or privately held organization, many challenges of creating business value through strategic partnerships are prevalent.

Determining the best avenue for business growth is a constant challenge for many executives and board members. It is most challenging in mature and declining industries, but can be a daunting task in any environment. The questions of risk versus reward, as well as maximizing shareholder value often challenge the most proficient executives.

To assure that solid growth opportunities exist, developing relationships with potential strategic partners is important. It is not always enough to come up with a great idea. The best ideas often require partners that are willing to assist and can see the value in it for them. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) can be a great avenue for significant business growth in the U.S. This article explores the challenges and benefits of mergers and acquisitions, and how M&A can grow your company.

Some of the challenges to M&A and strategic alliances are:

  • Finding the right partners
  • Structuring the deal
  • Selling the idea to shareholders and stakeholders
  • Assuring value creation

Finding the right partners and Satisfying all Parties

Cultivating lasting relationships with potential business partners is a big challenge to a successful merger or acquisition. Many potential business marriages end before they really get started. This can be due to the lack of cultivating a meaningful relationship, and making sure all parties are happy with the agreed result of the merger. Skepticism is human nature and the parties involved reevaluate closely whether they are making the right decision. Sometimes skepticism leads to the deal being called off. The parties that had to work with each other post-merger were nervous that they weren’t going to get the treatment that had been promised. Let’s face it; many things can be put into writing, but not all. When a new management team is formed, not all parties get what they were promised.

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