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April 8, 2010

Business Plan Services

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We collaborate with our clients on creating innovative business plans that drive business value.  We work with start-up companies that need a professional business plan to help them reach business goals and acquire capital from banks and other lending institutions.

We work with established companies that need a professional business plan in order to better determine business direction or acquire new financing.

Our goal is to help your business become a high performing company and develop a plan that will get you there.  Our business planning services include:

A high impact Business Plan

All business plans are not created equal.  We develop professional business plans  that are tailor made for your business needs, and are designed to accomplish  your specific goals.  If you need a business plan to acquire a loan, we will tailor  your business plan to meet these needs. It will be a high impact plan in that we  know what banks and investors are looking for to provide financing. If you  need a smaller business plan to help document a business idea, but do not need a  full business plan, we can provide a professional and succinct plan to get your  idea in a manageable format.  Whatever your business plan goals, we make  sure the plan offers a high impact in accomplishing them.

A roadmap to success

The primary reason small businesses fail is due to poor planning.  We will work  with you to develop a plan that will truly provide a road map to get your business  started and headed in the direction of success.  We help our clients develop a  navigational tool that will help meet the end goal.  The business plan will be a  road map in that we make sure your plan is a document you can constantly  reference to determine where you should focus your daily business activities.

Financing documentation

If you need a business plan to acquire financing, we develop a plan to accomplish  this goal.  We also take the extra step of helping you put together other  documentation that a bank or other lending institution requires to extend a loan.   We assist with putting together statements of net worth, tax returns and other  documentation requirements.

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